AI-Powered Optimization

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AI-Powered Optimization

1) AI-Powered Optimization

Just a couple years ago, Gartner analysts predicted that by 2020, AI technologies would be pervasive in almost every new software product and service. In fact, according to Techgrabyte:

“Artificial intelligence is the biggest commercial opportunity for companies, industries, and nations over the next few decades,” which means that “AI latecomers will find themselves at a serious competitive disadvantage within the next several years.”

AI can analyze consumer behavior and search patterns, and use data from social media platforms and blog posts to help businesses understand how customers find their products and services.

One exciting example of AI in practice is chatbots (more on that later). Mastercard created a Facebook messenger bot – which uses natural language processing software to decipher what the customer wants and respond as if it were a real person

Artificial intelligence is fast becoming the driving force behind many services, including content creation.

If you want to rank your content in tough niches, content optimization is necessary. “Content optimization” in SEO refers to things like:

  • Including primary and secondary keywords at the correct densities
  • Having an appropriate word count
  • Ensuring great readability
  • Having optimal meta title and description tags

And, most importantly, making sure you nail the search intent.


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